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Cook, charge and store energy in a more intelligent way.

design where it matters

The Difference

Sophisticated technology. Simple performance.

Tegstove is a portable gas stove like no other. Great stability, excellent cooking performance and a powerful charging device. Don’t limit yourself. Open yourself up to a brand new experience. Cook, charge devices and store energy with one unit. There’s no going back.


Charge Mobile Phones, GPS Devices, Tablets and much more via a standard USB connection – Tegstove is a gas powered charging device that uses a solid state Thermoelectric Generator to produce electrical energy.


It’s easy to cook meals, make a hot drink and charge devices – wherever you are. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.


Our patent pending technology harnesses the power of Butane rather than using expensive mix gas solutions – our (patent pending) system overcomes Pressure related issues encountered when using Butane by gently warming the cylinder to keep the gas pressure at optimum levels.


If the internal battery has run out, Tegstove will still work as its lit using a built in piezo ignition and our patent pending pressure system means you will have a stable, constant and controlled gas supply.


With a self-sufficient charging system, there’s no need to carry a solar panel, battery pack and separate stove. With Tegstove in your rucksack, you’re set to go.


Tegstove’s internal battery starts recharging the moment you light it. When you need heat and power at your fingertips, Tegstove delivers.


Stable – with three adjustable legs Tegstove can be stable on uneven surfaces. Robust build and fully compliant to CE standards, Tegstove also incorporates an automatic gas shut off system for ultimate safety.


Imagine being away from civilisation and your GPS battery fails – solar panels and batteries have limitations. With Tegstove, simply plug in your GPS and keep walking.



The Techy Bit

Tegstove uses a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) to produce an electrical current.

TEGs are two ceramic plates with the connection between the two plates made up of two different materials. They have a hot and a cold side. When a difference in temperature is applied between the two sides an electrical current is produced. The greater the temperature difference the more power it produces.

TEG technology is not new, but the ability to harness its power has never been fully utilised …until now.

Tegstove uses an innovative method to create an even greater temperature difference, resulting in more electrical energy production. This method produces a stable, constant and controlled source of warmth to the cylinder ensuring constant gas pressure is maintained.

A little bit of history

TEG technology has been around since 1821. But its low power output meant that it was relatively unusable at the time as technology was not efficient enough to take advantage of it. Over the years, electrical devices have become more efficient and we can now take full advantage of the Thermoelectric Generator and the brilliant work carried out by Thomas Johann Seebeck, 200 years later.

Why is TegStove different?

Many TEG based products have concentrated on the supply of heat to the hot side of the TEG.

Cooling the cold side is more difficult.

Often water is used, however the cooling effect is reduced as the water temperature increases.

Another option is to use a fan to remove the heat, the more heat you need to move the more energy the fan needs and the louder it becomes.

This is where Tegstove’s patent pending design sets itself apart.

Tegstove cleverly transfers the cold produced in the cylinder to cool the cold side of the TEG – creating a constant and stable source of cold.
The cold from the cylinder is as constant as the heat from the burner. Using this method creates a much greater temperature difference – resulting in more electrical energy production.

Another problem with your average gas stove is the liquid gas in the cylinder requires warmth to change from it’s liquid state to a vapour, if the cylinder gets too cold the liquid gas stays as a liquid and results in no gas vapour pressure. This is why you will often see the flame reduce after a few minutes on a standard stove.

The colder the cylinder gets the lower the pressure gets. To combat this, camping stoves use a mix of gases that will work in a wider range of temperatures – but this is not the perfect solution. When they get too cold the propane burns off first leaving the butane behind, the butane is wasted unless the cylinder is warmed also the mix gas cylinder cost on average three times more than the same amount of butane.


  • Charge mobile phones, GPS, tablet, G0-PRO and more via standard USB port.
  • Uses standard butane gas cylinder P220 conforming to EN 417.
  • Incorporates high output 56mm thermoelectric generator.
  • Charge devices via 5 volt USB at 1 amp.
  • 300mm footprint to ensure great stability.


  • TEG / Thermoelectric Generator
  • Battery
  • Adjustable – high strength support legs
  • Lightweight chassis
  • Steel gas burner
  • Charge Control circuit
  • Cylinder safety system (patent pending)
  • USB port for charging your devices
  • Micro USB port for charging the internal battery


Is this the most energy efficient gas stove in the world?

Tegstove uses widely available, cost-effective, clean-burning butane gas

Standard camping stoves will often use a mix of Butane, Propane and Isobutane to create a gas that works in cold climates. This is an unstable and expensive method.

Butane is better gas – it comes in lighter cylinders, it can be stored inside, it’s more cost-effective, less volatile and readily available.

But it gets cold fast and the pressure reduces.

Tegstove have taken this ‘problem’ and turned it into a benefit.

The cold produced by the cylinder is used to help cool the cold side of the TEG – creating a greater difference in temperature between the hot and cold plates. The result? A strong controlled flame and stable production of electricity.



The design team at Tegstove wanted to create a better camping stove. One that eliminated all the usual frustrations, and ticked off every feature on their wish list. So whether you’re camping, fishing, hiking or kayaking, you have an all in one device which is efficient, reliable, portable and safe.

One single unit – Stove, charger, and battery and gas cylinder all in one. The beauty of the Tegstove design means it’s portable, space-saving and efficient.

Stability – Three adjustable legs provide a stable platform and cover approximately 300mm of ground, so no toppling over.

Charging – Add power to your devices at any time – not just when you’re using the stove. If you wish to charge whilst in use, you can and the USB connection is located at the base of the battery keeping your Tech away from the heat. A simple feature for safety and convenience.

Safety – Tegstove have designed and incorporated their own pressure shut off system – completely mechanical with no electrical parts at all. Safety was a top consideration during the design process.

Cooking – Prepare real meals. Heat is distributed over a wide cooking area so you won’t just burn everything in the middle.

Looks – Determined to think differently, the team worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible design for the Tegstove. The brief – control the gas, give a stable base and provide a way of charging devices with all the associated risks reduced to the lowest level possible. And that’s exactly what they did.



Do you need to pre-charge the internal battery?

No – It will begin charging the internal battery when you light it, but you can pre charge the internal battery via the micro USB port if you wish.

Do I have to light the stove to charge stuff?

No – Whenever you light it the Tegstove will start charging the internal battery, you can use the energy in the battery whenever you want it. All the energy in the battery is for charging your tech; none is saved for the stove at all not even a little bit.

What’s wrong with the mix gas solution?

The mix gas cylinders contain Propane and this is more volatile and produces higher pressures than Butane, because of this the cylinder needs to be stronger and as a result is heavier, mix gas cylinders are typically three times more expensive than the equivalent amount of butane.

Can I get a different colour?

Not at the moment, but we may bring out different colours in the future.

What about warranty?

The stove is covered by a standard 1-year limited warranty – if you don’t mistreat it and it fails due to a manufacture fault, send it to us and we will fix it or replace it.

Will it charge my iPad or Android tablet?

Yes it will – the stove will charge devices at a rate of 5 volts at 1 amp.

Will it charge my phone from empty to 100 percent?

Yes it will – Mobile phones have various sizes of internal batteries, so charge time will vary.

Is it safe?

The stove is tested independently and conforms to CE standards; we have designed our own patent pending pressure safety system that ensures the stove exceeds these standards.

Where is the Micro USB cable for charging the internal battery?

We have not supplied a cable as many people already have one as so many devices use them. If you really need one email us and for a small fee we will send you one.

What will it weigh?

We don’t know exactly what it will weigh, we aim to make it as light as possible but until we have made the tooling we can’t guarantee its weight, but it will be lighter than the total weight of individual items to cook, charge and store energy.

Where can I get the gas?

The Butane P220 cylinder is available in many countries and has a universal fitting it is available at many camping stores, hardware stores, fishing tackle shops as well as high street chains like Walmart, Go-Outdoors and Decathlon to name just a few.

Can I charge whilst I cook?

Yes – but you don’t have to, you can charge stuff whenever you want to.

If I pre-order when will I get it?

We are tooling for production right now and expect stock by April – we wont take any funds until we are ready to ship to you.

This is the best thing since sliced bread can I buy 1000 of them?

Yes it is and yes you can.

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